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Broadband Access, Speed and Affordability Among Covered Populations

Dallas Fed Digital Inclusion Research Forum presentation

Digital Equity in the U.S. Northeast and Islands

New York Fed Community Development virtual presentation

Alternative Investments in Community Development

New York Fed Community Development Report

The State of Low Income America

New York Fed Research and Community Development joint report

Dose the Rise in Housing Prices Suggest a Housing Bubble?

New York Fed Liberty Street Economics post

If Prices Fall, Mortgage Foreclosures Will Rise

New York Fed Liberty Street Economics post

AWS EC2 PostgreSQL Server Documentation

Step-by-step explanations, rationale, and videos on how to design a PostgreSQL server using AWS EC2

SURE Symposium Poster

Research poster from my SURE virtual symposium presentation Read About Presentation

Pregnancy Habits and Child Birth Weight

Econometrics course final project

Intro to Git & GitHub Documentation

From GitHub talk given for an undergraduate research course Read About Talk

Emory Wheel College Newspaper Articles

Senior Staff Writer for News Team